Mission Statement
The mission of Young Minds Preparatory School and Preschool is to provide the starting blocks, outside the home, in which the young minds of children are introduced to an advanced, rigorous and quality curriculum. Coupling the curriculum with rich academic experiences will prepare children for educational success.
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about our Curriculum
      Math: Everyday Math
Everyday Mathematics is a research-based and tested in real classrooms curriculum. It has the premise that mathematics.

Bible Study Curriculum - A Beka Book
A Beka Books feels the clear teaching of the Bible is the foundation for all other learning. This bible program presents.

Language Arts and Reading -SRA Direct Instruction
With the right program, you can change the course of a student’s life. This reading and language program was designed especially for this purpose.

Social Studies/Science/and other subjects

These subjects will be aligned with National standards.
Providing the building blocks for success!
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Our Address
School Attire

Directions to YMPS
Uniformed standards and dress code

At Young Minds Preparatory School and Preschool, we believe the focus of our children should be academic success. Studies have proven a uniformed dress code can be helpful to children in establishing unity and lessen the distractions.

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Young Minds Preparatory School & Preschool
3000 N. Sherman Blvd.,
Milwaukee, WI 53210
(414) 873-YMPS (9677)
Fax (414) 873-9678


  Dear Parents:
As you know, the Boys and Girls Clubs have been and continues to be a safe place where your children can come and find fun, friends, recreational, and educational activities.

Young Minds Preparatory School is proud to house its learning centers within its location.
Parent participation encouraged!
  Let us hear from you!
Young Minds Preparatory School would like to hear from you! If you are interested in enrollment or have questions regarding our programs please contact us at (414) 873-967.

Young Minds Preparatory School and Preschool
is a another source of safety providing a foundation in which children are nurtured and introduced to rich learning experiences that promise to have your child reading at least one year above most children in their age range.
Our Teachers

"YMPS Teachers care about each child as individuals.
We provide more than just an education - we nurture, guide and encourage as if they were our own."

Tracy M. Laster
Young Minds Preparatory & Preschool
Opening Soon! - Young Minds Preschool!

Young Minds Preschool - W2 Program

Young Minds Preschool will serve as the feeder school to Young Minds Preparatory School. We will educate young children ages 6 weeks old to 4 years of age utilizing a christian based and advanced curriculum. This preschool will provide rich educational experiences which will catapult them into the Preparatory School. Select the above link to learn more about the Milwaukee W2 Program. Select the Young Minds Preschool link to learn more about the Preschool.